Great Willys Jeep Picnic 2006
Big Pocono's State Park
Tannersville, PA


A group of Jeep enthusiasts from have an affinity with early Jeeps have been meeting for the past few years in the Pocono's.  They call the event the Great Willys Jeep Picnic and this years event (the 4th annual meeting) was held on June 11th on top of Camel Back Mountain at the Big Pocono's State Park near Tannersville, PA.  The view from the top was truly impressive.
Here is a link to the event if you are interested in learning more about the event:

The Great Willys Picnic 2006
This year I joined new MTA member Chris VanOrden for a the 65 mile ride on Sunday morning out to the park.   What a great ride out we had on Sunday morning, fantastic weather and just a fun trip driving along Rt. 46 in NJ and Rt. 611 in PA.
We finally made our way to Tannersville about 11 am, and promptly got lost.  But, we knew we were in the right general area when we came across a beautiful custom CJ2A being trailered the opposite way on a side road.  We all stopped and compared notes and then headed off again in the opposite direction.   We finally found the road that heads up the side of Camel Back Mountain to Big Pocono State Park.   It was a slow ride up the side of the mountain with lots of down shifting, but we finally made it to the top to find about 25  early and mostly flat fender jeeps already there.
The event was hosted by Walack's Jeep Parts with a nice spread of food and door prizes.
Chris VanOrden has been a member of the MTA for about 2 years and has an extremely original and early CJ-2A.   When Chris and I (45 GPW) showed up at the appointed field a the top of the mountain we were swarmed with inquiring Jeep nuts.   My Jeep got lots of questions and inquiries because it was the only WWII Jeep at the event.  Remember these guys are mostly early flat fender Civilian jeep guys and girls.  Chris's jeep garnered just as much attention since it was the first time he ever attended a Jeep show or event, so it was a new find to many of the early CJ fans at the event.
The Great Willys Jeep Picnic is a very casual affair always held the weekend before Father's Day.   We had a great time and I would encourage more MTA members to consider making the picnic when it is held next year in June.
Reported by Gary Schultz

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