Red Ball & MTA Picnic
August 2000

A cake was made to commemorate the event.

This was the line up of the participant's vehicles.
(It wasn't a requirement to bring your vehicle, this was a "come as you are" BBQ)

Preparations underway to feed almost 100 people.
This was a chicken BBQ. Sven is a master at cooking for a crowd.
UMMM, Good.
The aroma was all over.

"MTA" President John Sobotka, "Red Ball" Sven Johnson, and "MTA" Vice President Brian Bancale.
The presentation award was for Sven, for the gracious gesture in the combined Red Ball - MTA picnic at his home.

Everyone is use to waiting in lines.
Some really knew what waiting on chow line was all about.
(Swap uniforms for civvies on some of these guys, erase a few years, and......)

God Bless the Veterans.

After everyone had finished eating, they went on TRAIL RIDES!!!!
Sven has a beautiful piece of property,
with enough room (woods) to go on a one mile(+) ride.
There was enough mud to get dirty!

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