Veteran's Day Parade

Sussex County Fairgrounds, NJ

November 2002

The events at the Sussex County Fairgrounds included a parade, fly by and static display.
Restored military vehicles from Military Transport Association and Red Ball clubs were in attendance.
The pictures on this page show just some of the activities that went on to honor our Veterans
and to educate the public about our military history.


M8 Armored Car

M29 Weasel

Deuce n' Halfs carrying our veterans.

Deuce n' Halfs carrying our veterans.

and Humvees too

Our clubs have a lot of heavy metal to show off.

Half track

The parade goes by the reviewing stand, where eveyone waves and cheers our veterans.

There was even a fly by of vintage military aircraft.

Here is a static display where people could get up close view of the vehicles.

A WWII Deuce n' Half. CCKW

There were displays of all types of military gear from the past.

Static display of a variety of military hardware.

Seen here, reinactors show what is was like for the WWII GI foot soliders.

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