The 2003 Red Ball Express Show at Gilbert, PA

    The annual Red Ball Express Military Vehicle Show was held on September 4-6 2003 at the West End Fairgrounds in Gilbert, Pennsylvania. After a week of rain and thunderstorms, the skies finally began to clear late on Thursday, September 4th.  Just in time for the 3-day event.  Vendors and military vehicles from around the country trickled in late Thursday with the majority of the participants arriving on Friday.  The skies brightened early on Friday, prefacing a beautiful day of sunshine and low humidity. 
    MTA Project Committee arrived on Thursday to begin setting up their extensive display of Vietnam War era weapons and equipment. Throughout the show on Friday and Saturday, MTA members would take turns manning the club table and selling MTA t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and other club memorabilia. 
       A really nice attraction on both Friday and Saturday was that some members of the Red Ball Express provided free rides in their military vehicles. People were hitching a ride in a nicely restored 1944 GMC CCKW (see below)
A Vietnam camp display

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