The 2003 Picnic at Svenís

    After a week of oppressive heat and humidity, Saturday, August 23rd 2003 arrived with crystal clear skies and temperatures in the low 80s with no humidity. What a perfect day for a picnic.  Members of the Military Transport Association of North Jersey and the Red Ball Express of Eastern Pennsylvania attended the annual picnic hosted by Sven and Helga Johnson in Green Township, NJ.

     There are many aspects that make this event so unique from other club activities. Sven Johnson and his family host the picnic on their 160-acre tree farm in Green Township, New Jersey.  The property has a variety of different terrains that provides a perfect opportunity for military vehicle enthusiasts to test their equipment at various stages of difficulty. For club members who want to take it easy on their antique vehicles there are acres of level fields that offer a nice off road but gentle ride that is easy on both the vehicle and passengers. For the more aggressive members who want to test their equipment on more strenuous terrain, there are old logging trails that lead into the wooded sections of the property. These trails are a great test for the military jeep of any era. 

    There was barbeque chicken, hot dogs, fresh corn-on-the-cob, wonderful home-made baked beans, cole slaw and all the basic condiments. Club members and their families gathered in groups and enjoyed the food, drink and conversation. Cake and coffee was served as members from both clubs gathered in groups at tables and in chairs scattered throughout the picnic area. The MTA sincerely thanks Sven and Helga Johnson for this opportunity. A fun time for all.

The Ceremonial Cake Weasel and CCKW
M35 with Water Tank Navy Jeep
M35 Diamond T Wrecker and WC 12
Cleaning the Halftrack Jim Gilmore and Dennis Spence
Armor, M8 and M3 Halftrack Diamond T Wrecker
MB Jeep somewhere on one of the trails WC12 and MB Jeep on a trail
Randy's Jeep. More Jeeps on the trails
Weasel on the trail M8 somewhere on the trail

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