The 2003 Montville July 4th Parade

     Keith Adams, driving his WWII British outfitted 1943 MB, led the group of MTA vehicles for the parade. A total of 14 MTA military vehicles collected along a nice neighborhood street shaded by rows of leafy trees.

     One vehicle of special interest was a 1941 Dodge WC-21 Personal Carrier recently purchased by MTA member Al Burghardt. Al purchased this vehicle last fall from a local farmer.  The farmer originally bought the vehicle to give hay rides, but decided he didn't really like it. So he parked it in his barn where it has sat for the last 10 years. When Al found the vehicle, it was in remarkably good condition and with some minor tinkering started right up

     The crowds that lined the parade route were enthusiastic probably because they were so glad, that after eight consecutive weekends of rain, they finally had a Saturday without rain. The MTA was well received as always and the parade ended at the Montville high school where there were carnival festivities. A fun time for all.


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