New Jersey Vietnam Veteran's Remembrance Day

By David Steinert


     On May 7th 2003 approximately 150 New Jersey Vietnam veterans and dignitaries gathered at the New Jersey Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Holmdel to celebrate New Jersey Vietnam Veteran's Remembrance Day. New Jersey Vietnam Veteran's Remembrance Day was created by legislation in 1991 as a unique day in New Jersey to honor all those who served in the military during the Vietnam Era, from 1959 to 1975.  More than 200,000 New Jersey residents served in the armed forces during that time. Vinny Schwartz, John Peterson, Frank Eichenlaub, Frank Eichenlaub Jr., Ed Pavlich, and Bruce Kalin represented the Military Transport Association of North Jersey at the event. That day MTA members displayed their Vietnam era military vehicles in the parking lot of the Vietnam Era Educational Center from 10 AM to 3 PM.
Vinny, Ed, John, Frank Eichenlaub Sr, and Bruce
John Peterson's M35A2 Truck
Frank Eichenlaub Jr.’s M35A2 Truck
Vinny Schwartz’s M35A2 Truck
John, Frank Eichenlaub Sr. and Bruce with Ed's M151

The New Jersey Vietnam Memorial Military Vehicle Display

June 28th 2003


Members of the Northern New Jersey MTA convoyed over a dozen vehicles to the NJ Vietnam Memorial down the Garden State Parkway with the NJ State Police in escort.

The various vehicles were randomly parked throughout the Education Center parking lot and static displays were erected. There was a continuously stream of activity and interest from the public throughout the entire day.

Vinny and Linda Schwartz supplied refreshments for the exhibitors throughout the day.

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