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starSpecial Discount Prices on back issues of Military Vehicles Magazine

Armor, Tanks, and Tracked Vehicles

starRoberts Armory Home Page:
Covers a variety of W.W.II light armored vehicles: overview, specs, and nice pictures of each.

starDoug's Heavy Metal Gallery:
Lots of photos of armor from Australia and England.

starAchtung Panzer!
History of tanks used by the Panzertruppe in WWII. A wealth of historic photos and text. Good glossary too.

starJoint Readiness Training Center Opposing Force:
Sheridans that look like T62 Soviet tanks, M113-based BMPs, and other vismods.

starU.S. Army Armor Center:
Explore the armor center at Fort Knox and listen to Sousa marches while you do so.

starInterviews with Tankers:
Interviews from Aaron Elson's oral history books including some not yet in print. Coarse language.

starWWII Half Track Fighting Iron's HQ
This is the place for half-track owners.

starWWII Tanks in France
This is a page which hosts the various websites of museums with static tank displays. Lots of detailed pictures.

Wheeled Vehicles

starSteel Soldiers:
Everything you ever wanted to know about MVs: photos, stats, info, preservation, restoration.

starWWII Military Jeep Web site (G503) :
Facts, figures, photos of Jeep assembly, notes about Willys MB and Ford GPW.

starMilitary Jeeps:
Detailed information and photos of the 7 types of jeeps made from 1941 to 1990 including MB, M38, M38A1, M606, etc.

starDodge Power Wagon Page:
Parts, sources, events list, answers to FAQ's, many photos.

star Power Wagon Advertiser Forums:
All about Dodge military and civilian Dodge Power Wagons from 1940 to 1993.

star The Story Of The Power Wagon Woodie:
The Story of the Power Wagon Woodie : Part 1.

starDodge M37 Registry Web Site:
A reference tool for people interested in restoring Dodge M37 vehicles.

starM37 Project Pages of Cabell Garbee:
Good reference page for Dodge M37 vehicles.

starChicago DUKW Corporation Page:
Hank LaBarbara's DUKW Page.

starHMMWV Net:
Info, photos, specs, links, and excellent chat area on both civilian & military Humvees.

starC15TA Site:
Site devoted to this W.W.II Canadian 4x4 armored, open-top vehicle (Denmark).

star Vehicles of Victory:
This site is dedicated to W.W.II Era Chevrolet and GMC Trucks.

starThe GMC CCKW:
This site is dedicated to W.W.II Era GMC CCKW Trucks.

Historical and technical background of the CCKW.

starLatil Trucks:
This site provides information about Finland's Latil M2TL6 AA Gun Tractor.

star Wheels of Victory:
This page is dedicated to W.W.II Era vehicles.

star Stef Jeep Org:
This page is dedicated to Jeep, Dodge, GMC and 1/4 Ton Trailers. In French language, use a translator to convert. (BabelFish)

Collector Organizations, Clubs, and Museums

starMilitary Vehicle Preservation Assn.:
Promotes membership in the MVPA. Also many links to related military vehicle sites.

starMilitary Vehicle Trust (UK):
Well organized site of links to clubs, museums, and members; club shop, resources, calendar.

starBeltring War & Peace Show:
Photos and info about the world's largest military vehicle event.

starQuartermaster Museum:
Quartermaster photos, history, services, links to museums. Excellent site.

starAmerican Veterans:
Tasteful site of museum honoring veterans.

starLong Island Military Vehicle Club:
Photos of member's vehicles, parades, event listings, ads, a few links.

starArizona MV Collectors Club:
Coming events, vehicles for sale, articles on past rallies of Arizona club.

starPatton Army Vehicle Association:
French association lists vehicles for sale, for rent, and wanted (not much else).

starVirginia Military Vehicle Association:
New Virginia M Club site, events, newsletter, club projects.

starNorth Carolina MVP
The North Carolina Military Vehicle Preservation Association

starThe Army Ground Forces Association:
A New Jersey based group, The Army Ground Forces Association is a non-profit educational and historical association dedicated to the study, interpretation, and preservation of the memory, experiences, tactics, doctrine, and equipment of the United States Army ground soldier of the Second World War (1939-1945).

starRed Ball Military Transport Club
The Red Ball Club meets monthly in the MIL-Spec Garage, Belvidere, NJ.

starMilitary Vehicle Collectors of Colorado
Military Vehicle Collectors of Colorado (MVCC) is a local chapter of the MVPA.

starDixie Division Military Vehicle Club
Dedicated to restoring and displaying historic military vehicles of all nations and all eras.

starKeep Them Rolling
This Club's (established August 21 1972) goal it is to restore and keep in good shape military vehicles such as cars, armor, trucks, boats and planes from World War II.

starCentral Jersey Military Motorpool
The Central Jersey Military Motorpool meets monthly at the American Legion Post #12, 232 Union Ave Somerville, NJ 08876.

starMilitary Vehicle Collectors of California
Military Vehicle Collectors of California (MVCC) is a local chapter of the MVPA.

starAssociation of Collecting Clubs
The Official Web Site for the Association of Collecting Clubs and the National Association of Collectors.

Other Sites of Interest

starAmerica's Parade:
The United War Veterans Council invites you to join us for the AMERICA’S PARADE – the largest Veterans Day Event in the nation!

Exceptionally comprehensive MV site with many pages of valuable and interesting information, photos, sources, links, and much more. Don't miss this one!

starMilitary Vehicles Magazine:
Bi-monthly magazine with loads of ads, articles about restoration, historic vehicles, tech tips, much more.

starJane's Reference Books On-Line:
Great source for military info. Current and back weekly lead stories & pictures on line. Other reference info is available but expensive.

starU.S. Army Modeling Site:
Detailed photos, tech manual info, newsgroups, and more for model builders. (Netherlands)

starSoldier of Fortune Magazine:
Promotional site for Soldier of Fortune and Fighting Firearms magazines.

starG.I.Journals Magazine:
Lots of good, solid military history information.
Product reviews (civilian stuff), classifieds, and online store for road maps. Forums too.

starCabell Garbee's M37 Page:
How I installed a Cummins 4BT into a 1953 M37. Lots of useful information applicable to all MVs.

starWorld War II In Color:
The Internet's largest collection of rare color photographs from WWII.

starGrouchy Media:
Pump-you-up-to-kill-the-bad-guys videos with a focus on providing a morale boost to U.S. and allied troops.

starAir Combat Game
Fighter Combat International in Mesa, Arizona USA offers the "Flight of a Lifetime" through exciting adventures in air combat and aerobatics for individuals, teams and groups.

The Marketplace For Military Vehicles, Militaria, Services and Surplus Military Equipment.

starArmy Technology
The website for the Defense Industries - Army.

starNaval Technology
The website for the Defense Industries - Navy.

starMilitary Vehicle Photos
A world-wide image library dedicated to Army, Navy and Air Force rolling equipment.

starMilitary School
Offering you a wide array of information about military schools, military safety and military knowledge.

starTheVitrual Wall - Home of Record Index
Vietnam War casualties listed by Home of Record.

star Obtaining A Title for a Vehicle in New Jersey
A PDF file detailing the steps required to acquire a title for a vehicle which has none, applicable to the state of NJ only.

star WWII War Bond Drive and Motivational Posters 
A collection of really neat WWII era artwork, depicting the many aspects of the war on the home front.

star Military Motivational Posters
A collection of  modern day motivational posters.

star The WWII Combat Medic
This website is dedicated to the brave men of the World War II Medical Corps.

star Resources for Veterans in the USA
Government Websites For Veterans; Veteran Organizations; Veteran Benefits and Services; Veterans Health and Well-Being; Veteran Memorials; Veteran Cemeteries.

star The WWII Timeline - History
A historical date ordered listing of significant events from 1919 through 1945. Many links to more information. A good quick resource reference.

star The Airport Berlin-Templhof (DE)
This website is dedicated to the Berlin - Templhof Airport.

star The Military Vehicle Photo Forum
Browse our pictures of military vehicles, from jeeps to tanks, all posted by enthusiasts and professionals from around the world.

MTA Military Vehicle Related Sites of Interest

star Thoughts on Memorial Day
History and information about US Military Cemeteries on foreign soil.

starHumor In Uniform
"Reader's Digress", a collection of humorous photos made by our military personnel.

star Medal of Honor Recipient Michael Monsoor
PO2 Mike Monsoor was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for jumping on a grenade in Iraq, giving his life to save his fellow Seals.

star Flag That Doesn't Fly
The 2002 floral flag was 740 feet long and 390 feet wide and maintains the proper American flag dimensions.

star Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
History and information about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.

star Arlington At Christmas Time
Arlington National Cemetery at Christmas Time.

star A Funeral In Texas
A message from Vicki Pierce about her nephew James' funeral, he was serving our country in Iraq.

star  Land of the Free, Home of the Brave
Reflection about those who gave all, and those who know them.

star Military Vehicles Spotter's Guide
A PDF file listing military vehicles and information about them. Printable, 8 1/2 x 11 inc, a great flyer hand out.

star Prototype Military Vehicles
Motor Trend's "Truck Trends" article (2003) detailing new prototype vehicles for the US military.

star What George S. Patton must be saying now.......
Humor, a message from the ghost of George Patton.

star How did you sleep last night ?
A snap shot photo album of our men and women serving overseas. Food for thought.

star Half Men Half Boys - Half Women Half Girls
Another snap shot photo album of our men and women serving overseas. Food for thought.

star Our Men and Women in Iraq
Another snap shot photo album of our men and women serving overseas. More food for thought.

star The Things We Take For Granted
Again, another snap shot photo album of our men and women serving overseas. More food for thought, never really getting 'full'.

star A Literary Tribute To Veterans (song lyrics)

star A Tribute To Veterans
Enjoy Your Freedom & God Bless Our Troops.

star A Rock In Iowa (Patriotic Painted Mural)
There is a huge rock near a gravel pit on Highway 25 in rural Iowa. It has become a patriotic mural, updated yearly.

star A Veteran
A reflection about who are our veterans are.

star Russian/German Tank Recovered From Lake
14 September 2000, A Komatsu D375A-2 pulled an abandoned tank from its archival tomb under the bottom of a lake near Johvi, Estonia.

star An Awesome Truck (Patriotic Painted Mural)
A Patriotic Truck Mural, where all the services are represented.

star  A Soldier Comes Home
A reflection about things to keep in mind when encountering our returning military veterans.

starOperation Salami Drop
Samuel Brummer never had to fight on an empty stomach during World War II. A monthly salami shipment from his friends back home in Newark took care of that. By Wayne Woolley STAR-LEDGER STAFF.

star An Awesome Camaro (Patriotic Painted Mural)
A Patriotic Camaro Mural.

starA Tribute to William Maudlin (Willie & Joe)
 A reflection on the life of Bill Maudlin.

star Keep This Hummer Moving
A Patriotic Hummer In Memory Of Fallen Soldiers.

star MTA Reimbursement Request Form (Excel Spreadsheet File)

star MTA Reimbursement Request Form (PDF File)

star MTA Reimbursement Request Form (ASCII Text File)

star The Professionals Moving Specialists (Chicago Movers)
A resource list of URL Links every military person should reference to use when planning a move.

star Memoirs of Albert W Burghardt 28th Div 4th Army- Huertgen Forest Battle
Al Burghardt is a military vehicle collector and a member of the Military Transport Association.

Official U.S. Government Sites

starU.S. Dept. of Defense Home Page:
Current news, DoD highlights, links to other agencies and sections.

starU.S. Army:
Links to hundreds of units and official military sites.

starU.S. Army Center of Military History:
Books, images, stories, unusual links. Checkout the Desert Shield photo gallery.

starUS Army Transportation Center:
Fort Eustis, VA official site; links to transportation museum.

Sites of Interest
Annuities : Veterans Pension and Survivors Pension Benefit Programs

starMortgage Loans for Veterans :
Housing and Mortgages information specifically for veterans.

Commercial Sites

starAdirondack Dodge Parts (Dodge & Jeep parts)
starAir Lift Company (Air Suspensions for vehicles)
starAll American Auto Transport (Since 1964, Transporting vehicles across the country)
starAntelope Valley Truck & Equipment (MV parts, especially for heavy trucks)
starArmed Forces Jobs (An Online Job Application Form Resource Site)
starArmies of the Past (Militaria)
starArmy Clothing (Design your own Military Clothing)
starArmy Jeep Parts (MB/GPW, M38, M38A1 parts & vehicles)
starArmy Surplus Warehouse (tons o' stuff)
starBeachwood Canvas Works (much more than canvas)
starDaryl Bensinger (Jeep, Mighty Mite parts)
starBradley's Military Surplus (Evans Mills, NY)
starDurasolid (Offers the great quality of Dana 60 Spindles @ unbeatable prices)
starCJ5 Dot Com (Jeep 1941-Present; vehicles, parts, accessories)
starClassic Enterprises - Restoration Reproduction (Body panels and body parts)
starCokerTires (tires for all MV's)
starCold War Re-Marketing (Unimogs, Ferrets, Pinzgauers sales & service)
starColeman's Surplus (lots 'o surplus stuff)
starEVO Sales (Wholesale ATV and Scooter supplier. Need a quad to haul stuff at a swap meet?)

starFly A Jet Fighter (Fly fighter jets and be a fighter pilot for a day)
starFlying Tigers (Army / Navy Surplus)
starFront Line Military Vehicles (hard-to-find vehicle parts)
starGary Hebding's Half-Tracks (Half-Tracks, Scout Cars, and parts)
starHowell Automotive (M880 parts)
starIdaho Motor Pool (Wide variety of MVs available)
starILS Mart (Aviation Maintenance, overhaul and exchange capabilities)
starIMA (US & foreign weapons & display guns)
starIRAC (weapon replicas, firing simulators)
starKASCAR Real 4 Wheel Drive
starKaiser Willys Auto Supply LLC. (A leading online supplier of Willy's Jeep parts)
starKeep Shooting (Firearms, Sporting Goods, Military Surplus)
starKublo's Military Surplus
starRick Larsen (stencils & markings)
starMagnalight (Equipment Lights, 12& 24 volt lights, HID lights, spotlights and searchlights, outdoor use)
starMemphis Equipment (mostly 6x6 trucks)
starMilitary Antiques (militaria of all kinds)
starMilitary Embroidered Clothing (Military Regimental Badges for T Shirts Caps Fleeces, vests, shirts)
starMilitary Vehicle Repair & Restoration, Inc. (A one-stop shop for your old military hardware)
starMove A Vehicle (Car Shipping; Compare prices on auto transportation and save)
starMV Spares (Quality MB & GPW repro parts)
starNorthern Safari Army Navy (A most comprehensive collection of military goods and surplus items)
starNew Life Canvas (Canvas products for MVs and Civilian Jeeps and trucks)
starH.A. Parramore Surplus (CUCV parts & other surplus)
starWWII Patriotic Covers (Philatelic covers for events and themes of the War)
starPortrayal Press (manuals and books)
starQuadratec (Everything Jeep)
starRaybuck Body Parts (Jeep & truck parts)
starRDD USA (Military Clothing & Boots, Military Tents & Field Gear)
starSaturn Surplus (M151, CUCV, M880, generator parts)
starSchott Enterprises (M813 Series, Humvees, & M923 Series)
starSodetrac Holland (Unimog vehicles - can ship worldwide)
starSoviet Power, Inc. (Soviet and Russian Army military uniforms, etc. )
starSpecial Operations Equipment Company
starSports Memorabilia (A One-Stop Shop For Sports Memorabilia Fans) (Click Here Specials For Veterans)
starSurplus City Jeep Parts (In the business for over 45 year supplying military vehicle parts)
starSwapMeetDave (Books, WWII collectibles, military humor, Bible studies, more)
starTP Tools (welding, sandblasting, grinders, etc.)
starToadman's Tank Pictures (Photo CD packages for sale, many MV images on this site)
starDavid Uhrig (military vehicle broker)
starUsed Japanese Motors
starUsed Trailers - If you're in the market for used trailers, check out what All Pro West has to offer.
starVintage Video (videotapes of Jeeps, MVs, much more)
starWalck's Four Wheel Drive
starWillys America (Mainly Wagon & Truck parts)
starWeebee Webbing (canvas tops, straps, tarps)
starTanks for Sale (joint Czech-British company selling all types of MVs)

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