Duties of a WWII Combat Medic

(submitted by Alain Batens)


Medical Corpsmen :

First-Aid Man, Hospital Orderly, Litter Bearer or Ambulance Driver have identical Classification or Military Occupational Specialty which is MOS 657 . (Classification is the awarding of a MOS number based on all pertinent data concerning ability, education, training, intelligence, aptitude, occupational history, military experience, interests, personal traits, and other demonstrated qualifications . Such information will be clearly recorded so that each individual’s skills will be evaluated and used to the end that the individual will be assigned to duties in which he is of the most value to the Armed Forces) .

 Duties of a Medical Corpsman :

Administers first-aid treatment to sick, injured, or wounded .

Performs various duties to assist technicians in Medical Department activities .

Treats minor injuries and wounds, such as cuts, blisters, contusions, and lacerations, applying medicants and bandaging wounds . Makes and applies arm or leg splints, treats patients for shock, and stops bleeding by applying tourniquet at pressure points . Lifts patient onto litter, and carries to Aid Stations, Ambulance Loading Points, or Collecting Stations .

Performs routine duties in the care and treatment of patients, taking temperature and pulse readings, bathing and feeding patients, and preparing patients for operations . Makes beds, cleans and washes equipment and floors, and assists in sterilizing instruments . Performs related duties as directed .

Must have received medical basic training .


Other specialties & related MOS numbers

 Enlisted Men

Dental Laboratory Technician (067) Instrument Repairman Non-Electrical (098) Laundry Technician (102) Laundry Maintenance Mechanic (104) Sanitary Technician (196) Radiology Technician (264) Optician (365) Orthopedic Mechanic (366) Medical Technician (409) Medical Administrative Specialist (673) Medical Supply Technician (825) Medical Laboratory Technician (858) Pharmacy Technician (859) Surgical Technician (861)


Medical Registrar (2431) Post Surgeon (3001) General Duty (3100) Gastro-Enterologist (3105) Opthalmologist & Otorhinolaryngologist (3106) Cardiologist (3107) Obstetrician & Gynecologist (3108) Urologist (3111) Dermatologist (3112) Allergist (3113) Anesthetist (3115) Communicable Disease (3116) Ophthalmologist (3125) Otorhinolaryngologist (3126) Neuropsychiatrist (3130) Neurosurgeon (3131) Internist (3139) General Surgery (3150) Thoracic Surgeon (3151) Plastic Surgeon (3152) Orthopedic Surgeon (3153) Venereal Disease Control (3155) Dental Officer (3170) Oral Dental Surgeon (3171) Exodontist (3172) Periodontist (3174) Prosthodontist (3175) Medical Inspector (3301) Medical Laboratory (3303) Radiologist (3306) Bacteriologist (3307) Biochemist (3309) Parasitologist (3310) Serologist (3311) Entomologist (3315) Pathologist (3325) Physical Therapy Aide (3418) Hospital Dietitian (3420) Administrative Nurse (3430) Operating Room Nurse (3443) Anesthetist Nurse (3445) General Duty Nurse (3449) Medical Supply Officer (4490) Laundry Officer (4830) Sanitary Engineer (7960)    


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