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WWII Medical Items

For Sale

This page last updated 7-12-03

  The following WWII Medical Items are for sale. Prices do not include postage.



Medics work in a squad tent which is used as a temporary supply room for surgical items at a 5th General Hospital in Carentan, France, built by 374th Genral Service Regiment, 7/26/44. (Official U.S. Army Photograph

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Unissued WWII Medical "tabacco" tins. Carried by WWII combat medics in their pouches. Used to carry morphine syrettes, pills, etc. These are in excellent condition....$13.99 each

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NEW!! Unopened bottles of WWII water purification tablets-Halazone. These bottles came from a case dated 1944. These bottles of tablets were issued in the M1 and M2 Jungle Kits and found in many WWII era first aid kits. The bottles are unopened and in excellent condition....$4.00 each

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WWII Bays Gauze Bandages-3 inch by 10 yards-Unopened and unissued from a August 12th 1942 dated master box...$4.00 each

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Repro WWII safety pin cards...exact copies of the WWII version with 12 large safety pins...$4.00 per card

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Quality Reproduction Emergency Medical Tag books....Now reduced!! $35.00 each. Identical to the originals, includes 20 forms with carbon paper and tie strings.

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Quality reproductions of the WWII Red Cross Brassard (armband). This quality reproduction has the Article No. 21 Geneva Convemtion stamp on the back. Comes with a large safety pin ready to be used in the field...$9.99 each


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WWII Era Tourniquets. These are the Spanish Windlass type still in the original brown wrap paper with label and stock # 2-1303, US Navy Item..............$10.00 each


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Small First Aid Carlisle Dressing. Very good condition with original wax covering.

$7.50 Each

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Iodine swabs...Box of 6...Dated October 10, 1943...Very good condition................$12.00 each

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I now have a source to supply quality reproductions of the Medical Department Geneva Convention Identification Card of World War II at a minimal cost. You need to supply me with a shoulder to head picture of yourself in a khaki tie and shirt and your vital statistics.  This can all be done by email. The fingerprints will be added by the supplier.The card will be delivered to you laminated in plastic. The price for the ID cards is $11.00 postpaid. Not only do you have to supply me with a photo...I need to know your weight, height, color eyes, color hair, rank and ficticious birthdate (you must be at least 18 year old in 1941. EXAMPLE: 8-25-1916).

For those who can't find an original WWII Medic Suspenders/Yokes, World War II Impressions now make reproductions of both the WWII Medic Suspenders and WWII Navy Corpsman Bag visit them at:World War Two Impressions. A virtual showroom of WWII U.S. uniform reproductions.

Please email me if you are interested in purchasing any of the above listed items....THANK YOU


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